Knowledge Is Power

This is your Complete Foundational Guide to Ayurveda.

To know yourself is to heal yourself. Many of us spend half of our lives simply trying to understand our personalities, tendencies, and proclivities to certain ailments. We suffer as we settle into our identities and often feel helpless to reverse our diseases, let alone shift our personalities.

Ayurveda is the bridge that shortens the distance between understanding yourself and healing. It is one of the most ancient healing systems and offers thousands of years of wisdom to you today. What's more is that it completely integrates the understanding of you as you relate to nature -- including daily and seasonal rhythms.

Ayurveda makes intuitive sense and is therefore easy to embody. You at once feel like life makes sense, you make sense, the world makes sense and that this understanding is something you always knew deep down.

Welcome to the Ayurveda Foundations and Seasonal Cleanse Guide. An online course to help you understand and heal yourself.

In this Ayurveda Foundations Course, Dr. Nisha Khanna, Functional Ayurvedic MD shares with you the framework with which she approaches health and healing. A framework that addresses the deepest of root causes and offers you tools for both disease reversal and prevention.

You receive my complete 7 module guide which teaches you:

how to accurately determine and live in harmony with your unique mind-body type

how to optimize your digestion -- your safeguard against disease

how to create the best daily routine for your mind-body type

how to perform a Seasonal Ayurvedic Home Cleanse

Let's get started. I'm so excited for you to join me!

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